Guidelines for Forum Use

These guidelines are suggestions for how to best use these forums in order to make the most of the experience here on Enneagram Discussion Forums.

  1. Forums

    1. Forums have been created for specific topics and general discussion. When adding a new topic, look for the most specific forum for that topic. If you can't find a forum specific to your topic then use the general forum. #
    2. Topic forums are dual purpose. They should be used instead of the General Enneagram forum if the topic fits the forum topic. They should also be used to discuss a particular topic from the books in the Enneagram User Guide series. #
    3. Type subforums have been created in the forum "The Nine Types." Use those forums to have discussions specifically about a particular type. #
  2. Posting

    1. Try to stay on topic when replying to posts so you don't derail the discussion. A very brief sidetrack is OK. If you intend on taking the discussion away from the posted topic then it's best to start a new topic. #
    2. Show respect for other posters by not insulting or otherwise harassing them because they have a different point of view. It's alright to have a debate but don't make it personal. #
    3. It's OK to copy brief excerpts from copyrighted material such as books to give some context to a discussion, but don't go overboard and copy whole pages. Authors invest a great deal of their time producing a work in the hope of being compensated for that time invested. If you find their work useful then show them by not giving their work away without compensation. #
  3. Private Messages

    1. Use private messaging instead of email for communicating with members when given the choice unless a member tells you that they'd rather get email. #
    2. Private messaging is appropriate for one-to-one communication with another member. Forum posting is appropriate for sharing information and discussion with all members and guests. If a forum discussion becomes a one-to-one discussion then you should take the discussion to private messaging so as not to derail the forum discussion. #
  4. User Control Panel

    1. You can disable and enable the ability of members to contact you via email and private messaging by going into User Control Panel -> Board Preferences -> Edit Global Settings. #
    2. You can enable or disable whether you're notified of post updates by checking or unchecking the appropriate option in User Control Panel -> Edit Notification Options. The Notifications column toggles private messaging notification while the Email column does the same for email notification. #
  5. Other

    1. This guidelines page will be updated from time-to-time. If you have a guideline you'd like to suggest or a question then post it to the Help and Information forum. #