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EnneagramUserGuide - Type Preference

Post by Dave » Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:48 pm

This is a simple test that results in a list of each Enneagram type preference ordered from highest to lowest preference.

Take the test here: http://enneagramuserguide.com/tests/type-preference

The test forces you to choose between two types for each question. There are 36 questions which means you can choose each type between 0 and 8 times.

The test questions are based on the core focus of each type as introduced in the Enneagram User Guide series of books. For more information on the core focus, refer to the books. The status of the books and other projects is updated on the home page of EnneagramUserGuide.com.

Discuss your results and how accurate they were for you and what you thought about the questions and test overall.

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