One size doesn't fit all

Discuss how to determine Enneagram type, wing, instinct, and Tritype for yourself or other people in your life.
Use this forum to discuss how to determine someone's type or instinct and to get feedback for determining your type or instinct.
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One size doesn't fit all

Post by Dave » Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:09 pm

I think it's often assumed the reason people have trouble determining their Enneagram type is because either they don't understand the types well enough or they don't understand themselves well enough. That assumption seems to imply that it's not a problem with the Enneagram types but a problem with the person themself.

From the very beginning adjustments have been made to the Enneagram types to account for the many variations found in people that aren't accounted for by the original nine types (e.g., wings, instincts, levels of development, Tritype, etc.). I don't think it's simply that people don't understand the types or themselves well enough. I think the Enneagram types leave gaps that people fall through and try to fit too many variations into one type.

Here's the blog post I wrote on that.

What do you think?

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