The core of each Enneagram type

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The core of each Enneagram type

Post by Dave » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:06 pm

I think because they're called the Enneagram personality types, many people assume the types describe personality characteristics and behavioral traits. I find the types are simply one of many possible influences upon personality and not simply nine categories of personality.

I think of the Enneagram types as representing something underneath the surface of what people see expressed through personality. Some call it motivation. Some call it a world view. Others call it something else. I call it a type of focus that influences how we approach life. In turn, how we approach life plays a big role in our personality.

Here's a blog post I wrote on it.
And here's how I label the different types of focus in my books.

What do you see as the core of the Enneagram types?

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