Do the personality types reinforce the ego trap?

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Do the personality types reinforce the ego trap?

Post by Dave » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:44 pm

The Enneagram personality types were derived in large part from Oscar Ichazo's ego-types. The purpose of the ego-types was to identify how you're stuck in ego fixation and suggest a way out through the holy idea. The problem is that people mistakenly get stuck in the ego trap because they wrongly think it's the remedy for the ego fixation. The personality types to some extent seem to have embraced the traps (e.g., type 1 perfection, type 5 observer).

I've written more on this in a blog post.

When someone identifies as a personality type (i.e., I'm a type 1, type 2, etc.) aren't they identifying with the ego trap and defeating the whole purpose of the types (which is to realize you are not your ego)?

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